Making Your House Kid-friendly

After that bachelor pad you had for some time it was time to get in to a serious house after getting married. With time comes more change and now it is time to make your house child-friendly too. Children see things different from adults and their tastes and choices are unique. To make the house appease to them you may have to talk to them instead of an architect. Don’t hold back in going for some silly, funny stuff which your kids and even people who are visiting will find amusing. Of course, you need to consider safety measures too.

Secure the treacherous grounds

A crawling toddler is in danger of many things. They can go anywhere; outside, down a staircase or under a table! Take care to barricade the doorways at least until they reach a safer age. You can use right fencing around the exits that leads to pathways which goes to the garden or a garage. Especially if you have a swimming pool a barrier is a must. This won’t be your kids’ favourite so try to make it look like “not-a-fence”. You can use wall stickers with all those funny cartoon characters, or let them draw all over it. A blockade doesn’t have to be made of wood with spaces between each slat, try a simple board wall which will make up for a drawing panel for a child.

Use colours

Kids love colours. It is one of the main things they distinguish and be familiar with from early days. You can repaint furniture and walls, or buy some new additions, such as desks and chairs for them, bean bags to sit on and play mats etc. Make a kid-only room with these furniture and they can play, read or just chill at this place. It will be theirs only and you can even hang a board which says “parents keep out”. The point is for the children to feel independent and have it their own way with arts and crafts or singing at the top of their lungs.

Encourage outside play

Even though you want to protect them from crawling or running outside unattended, that doesn’t mean they should be banned from going in to the garden or lawn at all. It is healthier for them to play outside and they can learn things naturally there. You can perhaps make a “fort” a small covered space where they can spend time and play; children love owning up to enclosed spaces and hiding away so that will be an ideal solution to going outside. Although you’d want to ensure they cannot reach any precarious places such as a swimming pool or a barbecue pit. Consider using glass fencing Adelaide around the pool so that the aesthetic appeal is not lost and at the same time your children are safe. Merging style with purpose to make a kid-friendly house can be challenging. Research for inventive ways and discuss with your partner to decide on how to adjust your home so that toddlers will find it fascinating to play and explore. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy them too.