Reducing Pollution

Trees are the most important in our lives it provides us food to eat, shelter and oxygen to breath. The earth won’t exist without trees and plants, but it is our responsibility to keep the environment safe and now we have less choices because environment is too much polluted now a days only thing we can do is grow more and more plants and avoid polluting the environment, now need of trees has increased over the past few years due to increasing pollution, which is caused by increase in green house gases and increase in population the population has the most increased value compared to other causes we can consider it as a main cause of pollution other causes comes beside population, all other causes of pollution are built through increase in population because it Is increasing and more food is required so more factories and industries are built and industries release more oxygen. Increasing population requires more land to live which is gained through eliminating rainforests and tree felling in Melbourne for land.

 Scientist are discovering effects beside pollution and building more and more ways to reduce it as much as they can, so they made some devices which can reduce pollution like catalytic converters present in cars, it will be available in all upcoming cars, but these devices aren’t enough for the pollution so in that case plants come in people didn’t though that this would happen but they made environment vulnerable by harvesting trees for wood and land and made the environment polluted and now we are suffering with polluted environment, environment is polluted only because of human carelessness. best tree pruning in Geelong are environmentally friendly and it is the only thing we are left with to reduce the pollution and increase in greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Plants reduce the effects of flooding and global warming by these greenhouse gases, from which it will avoid glacier melting. Plants have lots of benefits for human life and living things.                                                                                                                                                            

 As we are left with one choice to reduce the pollution which are plants, we need to take some steps towards, don’t just leave everything on trees and plants we also need to do filter the smoke that is coming out of industries and reduce the number of vehicles on the road which is also beneficial for the environment.