So you probably have heard of fleece bedding before. But have you ever wondered what all the fuss really is about? Did you ever question about what makes it so different to polyester, feather or down? Well, it clearly is taking over the whole market and becoming everyone’s favorite, is it not?

Studies have revealed that wool bedding can improve the quality of our sleep; especially it can better the conditions of those who suffer from skin ailments such as eczema. Ongoing studies into wool and its affect on sleep quality at the University of Sydney testify to this. The results were based on “Polysomnography” tests which use sensors to measure the amount and type of sleep that people get, which were conducted by researchers at the university’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

Let’s see how it works.

When you feel the coldness, the wool fibers would trap the air, creating an insulating layer outside your body. And on the other hand, when you start to perspire, a cotton sheet sets Australia helps you cool down by sucking the moisture away from your skin, letting your body cool down naturally. On the contrary; feather, down and synthetic fibers tend to lock down this warm humid air, creating a humid atmosphere which causes your bodily temperature to rise even higher. So what does that actually mean when it comes to wool? The hotter your body becomes in bed, the more a duvet made out of this fibers will insulate the heat in order to make it cooler for you, and the colder you get the more it will insulate at the higher end of the range making you feel warmer.

This is the temperature regulation that will give you a peaceful night’s rest. For this, it is ideal to layer your mattress with it, so keep an eye out for a quality wool mattress topper sale!

How do you take care of it when you get one?

Well, be careful if some company says that their fleece is machine washable and 100% untreated. Because these fibers cannot be put in a washing machine without being treated in some way. And if they state so be mindful that natural quality of it is altered.

Putting your wool bedding in the washer is purely for aesthetic reasons. This may come as a surprise but these sorts of bed covers are naturally very hygienic and self-cleaning! These fibers can absorb 30% of their weight in moisture, and when warmth and humidity are not present, they release the trapped moisture into the air, making it dry and healthy, just like the sheep naturally do.

Switching To Wool Bedding