Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Did the love of your life just pop the big question? If you happen to be engaged then you probably know the stress that wedding planning can cause. Sometimes, it can get so tiring and stressful, that you may even forget to eat your meals on time. Quite often, the friends and family members of brides to be witness scenarios where the bride turns into bridezilla at the slightest inconvenience. If you wish to avoid being one of these brides, then make sure you avoid making these wedding planning mistakes.

Ignoring the dates

Deciding on the date should be the first thing on your wedding planning list. This will determine all the other factors such as the theme, dress and venue. For example: if you are planning on hosting the event at an outdoor venue, you must avoid winter or the rainy season. In addition, you must check if there are any major events or festivals that are taking place on that day that may affect your big day. So make sure you choose the date wisely. It is also important to check the weather forecast if you plan on having an outdoor wedding.

Last minute bookings

This is one of the most common mistakes that brides tend to make. They wait until the last minute to contact the Adelaide florist or hairdresser only to find out that the specific flowers that you need are not available and the hairdresser of your choice has already been booked by someone else. So make sure you start making all your bookings ahead of time. In addition, you must ensure that you book trial sessions and finish all your trials at least a week before the big day.

Declining any assistance

Some brides like to make their own decisions and ensure that every single detail is supervised by them. However, there are some things that you must let go of, if you wish to make it easier for yourself. It’s always best to delegate different tasks to some of your family members to lighten your load. In addition, asking someone else’s opinion can make it easier for you to make decisions such as the right choice of wedding flowers or flavor of the cake.Regardless of how hard you try to achieve perfection and get every single detail right, you cannot do so. Something or the other is bound to go wrong and you can’t control everything. So just remember to enjoy the big day and cherish the moments instead of crying over tiny mistakes!