Make Your Walls Shine Again!

Do you feel that your house exterior has faded away, and you are clipping nails because it is expensive? Why outcast it to a painter or architect when you can do it yourself. We are here to make life easy with steps and the process of making that dull wall shine bright in the neighborhood.

Prepare the wall

First, break the previous render and paint off till you can see the bricks. Now be gentle, we don’t want those bricks breaking. Then, clean the wall from dust and debris that might be remaining due to the ‘breaking off’ process. Then, wash the wall with water. That garden hose would be very handy at this point. Last but not the least, spread clothes or plastic sheets to avoid render dripping onto the floor during the rendering process.

Mix the render

Now since we are done preparing the wall for cement rendering from Sydney, it’s time we got to the process of mixing the render. First, go to the nearest hardware and buy the render mortar. Be aware that the mortar has colors, so make sure you buy the color you desire. Let’s imagine you don’t find the color you wished for, don’t be heartbroken because the render can be customized by adding the desired paint into the mortar during mixing. Next, we have to mix it. It is less messy if mixed in a large container such as a bucket. The mortar has to be added onto water, the bag of render mortar contains the amount of water to be added. Be cautious enough to wear a glove during the process, and use a shovel or hoe to mix it together.

Apply render on wall

Let’s move onto our final step, apply the mixed render onto the wall.

Use a trowel to apply the render firmly on the wall. Now remember, the first coat of render needs to be 5mm thick and second 10mm. Next, take a straight wood plank or aluminum bar to even out the render on the wall (start from bottom to top). Next, use a scratching comb to scratch the render layer. This will create depressions in the wall which will help the second layer to stick fast.

Then wait for two hours for it to dry, it will start hardening soon as the clock passes 30 minutes. Once it’s dried, start off with the second layer. As soon as you’re done applying the second layer, use the plank to remove excess and to even out the render. Then use a tender sponge to give a smooth finish. Then, let it dry for 24hours and voila!