Most people don’t appreciate how much work goes into keeping house. ‘House wives’ have, for years, been typically deprived of the agency and pay that comes with the amount of physical and mental labour they undergo simply because society as a whole doesn’t appreciate how difficult it is. Maids and domestic workers have the same problem. It’s only when we start maintaining a house ourselves that we realize how difficult it can be. For those who are just dipping their toes, here are some of the most difficult chores you will face.

Monthly Round Up

Things like most reliable carpet cleaners, washing the curtains and airing out the bed spreads are chores that you do only once a month. This is because doing it more often would be tedious and impossible. Doing it less would be a health hazard as these heavy fabrics accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, while also tending towards mould. One reason why they are so difficult to do is because the material is heavy and cumbersome, more so when they are wet. Drying them out takes a long time unless you have very hot sun because even if you use a tumble dryer, some of the moisture will remain.

Scrubbing the Bathroom

This is a difficult task only if you are thorough. Plenty of people simply scrub the toilet bowl, mop the floors down a bit and leave it at that. However, if you want a thorough tile cleaning Parramatta done, then you need to go into it with a small scrub brush, tons of solution and a lot of determination. Dirt can collect in the grout very fast and very firmly, so only a lot of determined scrubbing will get it out. You might also have to do this every week to make sure that the dirt doesn’t stick and accumulate, making it more difficult. Some professionals have to use power hoses to get the dirt out of certain floors, so don’t leave it till that situation occurs.

Clearing the Roof

If you live in an apartment, good for you! You don’t have to worry about the roof. But if you live in a house, then you have to clear out all the things that accumulate in the drains and roof, especially if you live in an area that is prone to rain. It is a thankless task, and one that takes up a lot of time as well. You have to climb onto the roof and manually remove all the leaves and other stuff stuck in the gutters because otherwise they get blocked and as soon as the rains come, the pipes get blocked as well, causing backflow or a burst pipe.
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The Most Difficult Chores In Keeping House