Inexpensive Changes To Your Yard

For most of us in this densely populated planet, any kind of space or plot to grow things in is out of the question; an apartment often does not offer that kind of luxury. When we do however, we go berserk trying to make it look ‘nice.’ We put up expensive statuary, install cast-iron swings and hunt for the most exotic trees, shrubs, bushes and creepers. We might even go a step further and hire a person to care for all this. The result is a beautiful landscape – with no personal input. There’s no pleasure in something so manicured which wasn’t done by our hands.Instead, try making your outdoors personal; this cost a lot less than you think.

Transforming the Plants

Forget the sophisticated roses and chrysanthemums. Find wild flowers and other bushes, trees and shrubs that grow wild. The flowers may not be spectacularly shaped but they will have a profusion of blooms and, most importantly, be easy to care for. Get some garden pots and transfer them from the woods to your yard. In the end, most people will only notice that there are beautiful, green living things in your garden, not whether you can win a blue ribbon on them.

Transforming the Decorations

Forget the expensive statuary and others little trinkets. These become dusty, they crack and peel and require a lot of maintenance in order to look good. This is why large manor houses used to have such sophisticated gardens: they had the staff to care for it. All you need is a concrete coffee table Melbourne and some stools to accompany it, or a bench. These are easy to clean (hose it or wipe with a damp cloth) and lasts a long time to boot.

Casual Maintenance

With a combination of wild flora and simple decorations, your yard will be very easy to maintain. Water all the plants at once every two days. Weed them once a week or as necessary. You will need just 10-15 minutes if you do this every day. Hose down the decorations once a week or once every two weeks, whichever works for you best. Do this consistently for 2 weeks and it will become a habit. The good thing about having wild plants is that you do not have to worry about fertilizer or insecticide; most of them are natural insecticides themselves and have adapted to growing even in the harshest conditions, so this could be the easiest formula for a ‘little bit of earth’ of your own.